Nature Fetishism and Transphobia

Yesterday, some overly-confident men were talking around me about how vaccines cause autism, and how fluoride in water is causing our kids to be effeminate. I’ve had other people send me wacky “Natural News” articles about how the “uptick” in “transgenderism” is from processed foods and other nefarious “chemicals.”

As much as I tried to avoid this discussion, they asked me repeatedly if I would get my children vaccinated, and condescended and [erroneously] mansplained to me when I told them that vaccines have eliminated polio and smallpox.

Like many cismen, they were filled with a hubris that made them think that their wacky conspiracy theories overwhelm the heaping consensus of the international scientific community. The problem is, people who have this fetishistic view of nature (that is to say, people who believe that the natural world is pure, morally good) wind up being transphobic. TERFS, conservative Christians, Some Black Nationalist Groups (“Hoteps”), and Deep Green Resistance, often hold to this notion that we need to return to some sort of state-of-nature before agriculture, before the Patriarchy, before the White Race, before psychiatry, before GMOs, before “Western Medicine,” and only then will we be cured of all our social and physical ills.

If this is true, where does this leave transsexual and transgender people, who cannot accept the bodies they were given by nature? Instead, overwhelming amounts of research and documentation across cultures have confirmed that gender dysphoria has one cure: to transition. There is no “natural” way to transition. Rather, to transition is to reject the utter lie that there is a normative natural order we are born into, and to accept a synthetic process that allows you to live your fullest, most authentic self.

I implore my friends to be cautious around language about “Returning to nature,” or how modern psychiatry and medicine is somehow inauthentic, and people would be ridded of their dysphoria, depression, bipolarity, ADHD, etc. if only we retreated back to an imaginary Garden of Eden. The truth is, we have moved beyond a nature “Red in Tooth and Claw,” and because of that, I am able to live as the woman I am.

I have no use for your Arcadia, or your alkaline diet.

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